Educational Materials

Reapportionment and Redistricting Committees

Here are the 2019 GA Senate Reapportionment & Redistricting Committee and the GA House Legislative & Reapportionment Committee member information. You can expand the display below by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner. You can also download the file here.

Democracy Act

Readers Guide

The official state text of House Resolution 369 and Senate Resolution 52 (identical text in each bill). Or you can directly download the PDF here.

This is a guide to the upcoming redistricting bill which has been labeled the Democracy Act, updated 3-12-2019. (Word version)

Lobbying Tips

These are tips for lobbying the legislature presented at our Jan 6, 2019 Lobbyist Orientation by Perry Mitchell. Click here to download.

Passing a Bill in Georgia

FDGA Citizen-Lobbyist Advocacy Training

Redistricting Reform In Georgia

This is a flowchart and description of the legislative process in Georgia.