About Us


About Fair Districts GA

Fair Districts GA is a nonpartisan organization that works to end electoral map rigging in Georgia.  Our focus is to fight gerrymandering, the practice of drawing legislative district lines to favor one group over another. Our ultimate goal is to reform Georgia’s process for drawing state and federal electoral maps.

Georgia’s current redistricting system gives lawmakers broad leeway to draw district maps for Congressional, state senate, and state house seats.  Fair Districts GA supports stronger standards and a nonpartisan, transparent, accountable redistricting process.

We collaborate with advocacy groups and grassroots organizations to inform Georgians about gerrymandering, advocate for redistricting reform legislation, and engage concerned citizens in our cause.

Board of Directors and Officers

Fair Districts GA is governed by a passionate and dedicated Board of Directors and its Officers.


Pat Byrd, Chair

Pat’s dream for the U.S. is for every citizen to vote in elections locally and nationally, and for us to become a post-voter-suppression country.  A major step toward that change will be putting an end to racial and partisan gerrymandering. With fair districts and competitive elections at local and national levels and with universal citizen engagement, what an amazing world that will be.

Karen McCown, Secretary

Before her retirement, Karen worked with large government agencies to develop long-range strategic plans. While gerrymandering is not the issue she cares about the most, it is the issue she believes she must care about first.


Nancy Watkins, Treasurer

Since concluding her 30-year career in public health, Nancy has advocated for voter education and voter rights.  She believes that in a representative democracy each vote must count. For each vote to truly count, there must be fair elections, starting with the end of gerrymandering and creation of fair districts.

Lindsay Hodgson, Parliamentarian

Lindsay believes transparency and integrity in our democratic processes are fundamental to achieving a fully engaged electorate.  As a lifelong spectator of politics and a former local government attorney, Lindsay is committed to advocating for redistricting reform and voting rights protections.


Heather Hallett, Board Member

Heather is an activist and passionate about fair elections and removing the incentives for elected officials to rig the system to keep their jobs.  Join her in this fight!

Michele Andwele, Board Member

For 30 years, Michele has been a political activist.  She champions the protection of the fundamental right of informed citizens to freely and fairly elect their representatives.  Gerrymandering distorts that process and threatens democratic institutions. She is committed to its demise.


Raenell Soller, Board Member

Raenell is a scientist, educator and dancer, who has recently become an advocate for political justice.  She is committed to a "government of the people, by the people and for the people". She understands that fair districts are absolutely critical to the survival of this democratic form of government, where every voice is heard and every vote counts.

Mary Lou McCloskey, Board Member

Mary Lou, an English language author and teacher educator, works for Educo, Agnes Scott College, and the Global Village Project.  She believes that the legitimacy of our representatives comes from being freely chosen by us, not by seizing power from us to stay in control.


Amy Swygert, Board Member

Amy is a former non-profit communications executive and volunteer activist who believes that having fair elections where every vote counts is fundamental to maintaining a true democracy.